Survivors Stories

 Leighann, completed program December 2013

Leighann was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 46. After having the cancer removed, she thought she was clear only to have the cancer return to her liver just two years later. After six months of chemotherapy, Leighann was surprised at the toll cancer took on her. She had always been healthy and active, but her treatment left her with little strength or endurance. After completing the program, Leighann improved her aerobic fitness by 15 percent and lowered her diastolic blood pressure by 10 percent. Leighann McCoy

Here’s what Leighann says about Survivor Fitness:

“When I was invited to participate in Survivor Fitness’ program, I was eager to feel like myself again. I was thrilled to discover that they wanted to give me the gift of fitness. I’d been given many gifts while fighting and recovering from cancer, but this was the absolute best.

Because Survivor Fitness gave me the opportunity to work with a personal trainer, I was able to rebuild and rediscover what three years of cancer had taken from me. In fact, I am stronger and more fit today than I have been in many years.”


Christine, completed program January 2013

Christine ForteChristine was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 39. After numerous surgeries her body was left destructed. She had little range of motion and a loss of strength which made working out a more than difficult task. Because of this, Christine had many of the ailments common to breast cancer survivors including osteopenia (undesirable low bone density). With no idea what to do to get regain her strength, she had given up hope of ever getting physically back on track.

After completing the program Christine had eliminated her osteopenia, gained three pounds of lean muscle and dropped her resting heart rate from 79 to 66.

Here’s what Christine says about Survivor Fitness:

“I cannot express enough the benefits that this program has given to me. My strength, mobility range and overall confidence in a fitness regimen has become something that I want to maintain for life. The results of this time spent with their expert instruction will give me the healthy habits that I need to keep physically fit and help prevent a future reoccurrence of cancer. Survivor Fitness Foundation is meticulously working with each problem area of my post cancer body and teaching me how to take care of my physical health.

I had tried several times to get back into an exercise program after my bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy but the damage caused by these surgeries needed more delicate attention by a certified personal trainer.  Without one, I just continued to get injured. With the careful details of this program, I no longer have this worry and the results have been astonishing!”


Christy, completed program December 2013

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Christy made the decision to undergo a bi-lateral mastectomy. While her treatment didn’t last long, the effects on her body did. Christy was left with little confidence, but with a young son it was important for her to set a good example of mental and physical health. During the 14-week program, Christy lost 20 pounds and her blood pressure dropped significantly.

Here’s what Christy says about Survivor Fitness:

Christy Guthrie“Because I had never been a ‘gym person,’ the thought of working with a personal trainer was a bit intimidating. But I’m glad I took that leap of faith because Survivor Fitness has changed my life. I felt like I had been through a battle and didn’t really know what my next steps should be.  Through the personal training, my body began to feel stronger and my confidence grew exponentially. 

I will never again be the same person. I am changed inside and out and Survivor Fitness was the catalyst.  I am so much healthier and determined to continue working out and eating healthy and keeping my body as strong as possible.  I truly believe that I am reducing my chances of cancer recurring by losing body fat and being fit!”