Survivor-Fitness-Homepage-300x229We rely on the support of others to provide our program free of charge to cancer survivors. It costs approximately $600 for each participant to complete the 101 Days Back to Life program. This includes 28 personal training sessions, a consult with a nutritional expert and access to the gym and trainer during the program. There are many different ways to give including a one-time donation, becoming a monthly partner, or sponsoring one participant.

  • One-time donation: No matter the dollar amount, Survivor Fitness is thankful to receive your help and support.
  • Give in Someone’s Honor or Memory: Many of us have been personally affected by cancer. We’ve seen the hurt and pain it can cause, but also the triumph that overcoming it brings.
  • Sponsor a Survivor: If costs Survivor Fitness $600 to put each survivor through the 101 Days Back to Life program. By sponsoring a participant you’re able to directly affect someone’s life and help them truly overcome cancer. This amount completely covers their personal training and nutritional consults.
  • Become a Monthly Partner: By signing up to become a monthly partner you’re making a commitment to help survivors truly regain their health. The amount per month is up to you or you can choose to donate $50 per month and support one survivor per year. If you’re interested in becoming a monthly partner, please email

To make a donation, please click the “donate” button below after selecting your donation of choice or you can mail donations to P.O. Box 41434 Nashville, TN 37204. If you’d like additional information or if you’re interested in becoming a monthly partner, please email or call 615-720-1116.

Click the button below to donate through PayPal, you can choose from two options:

(1) For a one-time donation of $600 dollars, you can sponsor a cancer survivor and allow them to complete the full program:


(2) To choose your own donation amount instead, please click the “donate” button below: